Office of the

First-Year Experience


picIn’s and Out’s of RPI’s Student Union — Building hours, events, and wireless connection information

Chaplain’s Office

Religious Services


RPI’s campus bookstore located in the Student Union




The Union is home to over 175 incredible student organizations.

Post Office

The Union building features a US Postal Service branch.

Legal Consulting

The Rensselaer Union offers free legal service, funded by the Student Activity Fee, for any RPI student.

Father’s Marketplace

Father’s is the Union General Store, serving food items, basic supplies, beverages, and a wide assortment of other snacks.

Campus Unisex Hair Salon

The Campus Unisex offers men’s and women’s hairstyles to students, faculty and staff.

Alpha Phi Omega

We run a campus-wide Lost and Found service, have an extensive library of back exams to study from, and run the campus Book Exchange, which allows students to sell their textbooks to other students at their own price!

Games Room

Take a break and enjoy some billiards, ping pong, video games, or just relax.